Safe Driving in New Zealand

Due to a series of accidents involving campervans, there are initiatives aiming to improve driver safety in New Zealand. As a result, the New Zealand rental vehicle sector, in partnership with the Tourism Industry Association (TIA) and Rental Vehicle Association (RVA), has developed a voluntary Code of Practice for rental operators in New Zealand.

Wendekreisen Travel Ltd is committed to uphold this Code of Practice and to promote the safety of its customers. For your safety and the safety of other drivers in New Zealand, please take a moment to view and read the information below.


Use these resources and links to help you plan and enjoy your New Zealand driving holidays.

Driver's Licence Requirements

This page advises of the requirements for driver's licence translations and general driver's license requirements.

Free Theoretical Driving Test

This site allows you to study our road rules to take a free theory test online. This site is highly recommended by Wendekreisen.

NZ Road Rules

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) provides New Zealand road rules and highlights differences in traffic rules to international visitors.

NZTA's 'Whats different about driving in NZ'

This document highlights a few things that you may not be used to when driving in New Zealand.

Safe Driving in NZ video

This video clearly explains important NZ road rules, as well as useful tips for driving in New Zealand.

Some General Advice:
  • Contact your local transport authority to arrange an international driver permit if your license is not in English or organise a translation of your license.
  • We do NOT recommend vehicle collections immediately after long-haul flights. Wendekreisen advises that a minimum of 8hours rest is recommended to ensure safe travels.
  • Due to high altitudes, roads can be icy and slippery at any time during the year. There are warning signs in some high risk areas but caution should be taken at all times.
  • There are yellow signs showing a black number before most road bends. These are recommended speeds and must be respected to ensure the safety of all travellers.
  • Plan to drive no more than 1-2 hours at a time with regular breaks. Consider that 100km distance will usually require at least 1 hour and 45 minutes driving time.
  • All children under the age of 7 must be seated in an approved child seat. However, it is recommended to use a child seat until the child is taller than 1.45 metres.
  • New Zealand can be extremely windy. Hi-top vehicles such as campervans and motorhomes are more likely to be affected by high winds.
  • Our roads are narrow, hilly and windy. It is normal to approach ascends slowing the vehicle below 70km/h on the open road.
  • We do no allow any customers to travel in our vehicles under the influence of ANY alcohol or drugs.
  • If you notice a dangerous driver on NZ roads, please report this driver by calling *555.

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